Enterprise Backup and Recovery

Simply the most flexible Enterprise Backup and Recovery solution available

Cologlobal offers an Enterprise Grade BaaS backup and recovery solution.

Backup to your own colocated infrastructure, or servers/virtual machines hosted elsewhere to our local infrastructure or to our infrastructure in one of our other facilities. Support for practically every operating system with full, block level Bare Metal Restore (BMR) capabilities.


  • Disk to Disk Back Up and Restore capabilities
  • Support to backup and restore work stations and servers
  • Support for practically every available operating system
  • Disk to disk file level and block level backup and restore
  • Full API available for integration with existing systems or to enable end user access for service providers with any control panel interface
  • Bare Metal Restore (BMR) capabilities allowing full restoration of a server to a last known good snapshot in minutes
  • Bare Metal Restore physical machines to virtual machines and virtual machines to physical machines
  • Support for all Virtualization platforms including VMWare, Xen, Xen Server, KVM, Virtuozzo and OpenVZ
  • Backup your local or offsite data to our storage devices in any of our facilities
  • Simple per server/virtual machine and per GB pricing

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