Cologlobal for Small to Medium Business

Cologlobal for Small to Medium Business

Specialized Colocation for Small to Medium Business

Cologlobal understands the needs of local small and medium businesses. Currently servicing the Greater Toronto Area and the Dallas Fort-Worth market, Cologlobal provides complete end to end colocation services for local businesses. Premium, fully loaded facilities, aggressive pricing, full range of services. Cologlobal can help you store, host and serve your IT assets and your digital and data content. We can provide you with the networking, storage, backups and security required to house your server room, in a safe, secured, stable and reliable facility.


Facility Features

  • Premium Tier3+ to Tier4 facilities
  • Premium, multiple and redundant 10G upstream connections
  • GB ports to each customer device
  • Free management port drop for DRAC/IPMI access for those requiring advanced remote management
  • 2N A+B Redundant Power included for every customer and every device
  • 100% Network and Power Uptime SLA
  • Carrier neutral facility with direct access to every major provider onsite

Key Features for Businesses

  • Plug and play functionality for your existing server assets. Cologlobal can rack your existing equipment and any hardware maintenance contracts in place with your vendors will be honored. Your vendors technicians will be given access when and if required to perform any warranty or maintenance work required
  • Need new servers? Cologlobal will build to order Supermicro servers for you. We will then proactively monitor the hardware and replace, under warranty, any failing or failed components. The server is then yours and you simply pay a monthly colocation fee
  • Cologlobal can provide a full file and block level backup and restore solution. Backup your colocated infrastructure or backup your employees workstations. You can backup and restore to our hardware or to your own hardware. As with every other solution, we can build to order backup and recovery devices, manage the hardware, the warranty and simply colocate the hardware for you
  • Compliment your IT staff with Cologlobal services. Free up your IT staff to handle customer projects and drive revenue. Cologlobal will work closely with your IT staff to provide infrastructure and data storage and delivery services. We can dramatically reduce your operating costs by allowing you to leverage our facilities and our infrastructure
  • Private access with private full and partial cabinets accessible by biometric scanners, card scanners and individual keys for partial and full cabinets
  • True intelligent remote hands capable of advanced functions and tasks. Build and repair servers, full rack and cabling with proper labelling and documentation, advanced network engineering support and much more.

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