Premium Facilities, Accessible to All

  • Specializing in Colocation requirements up to 1-10 cabinets/racks.
  • Servicing 1U to 400U Colocation requirements.
  • 100% uptime SLA Colocation service.
  • SAS70 Type II certified facilities with true 2N A+B power to every device.
  • Carrier neutral facilities with direct access to major providers onsite
  • True intelligent remote hands capable of advanced functions and tasks



Cologlobal negotiates facility space and power with the worlds greatest data centers. We buy space in bulk and negotiate aggressive and favourable contracts. Our customers have access to facilities they previously would not have access to and can receive rates and pricing much more favourable then would be possible going directly to the facility. These facilities are Enterprise grade Tier3+ to Tier4 facilities who simply do not provide smaller scale colocation services. Cologlobal then adds additional value. We understand the needs of colocation customers and can provide any level of service required. Simple 1U, 2N A+B power, GB port, hands off Colocation. Building private networks and multiple Petabyte storage arrays across multiple facilities are services that we offer.

Redundant A+B power is available by default to all colocation customers whether you have a 1U colocation presence or multiple cabinets worth of equipment. All customers receive a GB port by default, with 10G available as an option. Our power density is negotiated to be up to 90 AMPS “A” + 90 AMPS “B” per cabinet/rack. You will never run out of power and you will never waste space, resources or money.

Additional Services

  • Enterprise Backup and Restore including Bare Metal Restore (BMR) capability. Onsite to our storage devices, to your own storage devices or offsite to our other facilities
  • Fully Managed Colocation. Cologlobal can repair hardware, monitor and react to service and hardware alerts and much more.
  • Supermicro System Integrators who can build to spec Supermicro servers and storage for Cologlobal colocation customers


Cologlobal launches with facilities in Canada and the United States. Our mission objective is to launch locations globally including Europe, Asia and Australia. All facilities will be available ultimately via private LAN networks and will allow all of our customers the ability to locally connect their services globally via a LAN network. For the immediate future, we have started in the United States and Canada and will continue to expand our offerings and our facilities as mandated by growth and organic business development.

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